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Grease Kings has the specialty skills necessary to clean commercial kitchen exhaust systems.

This is a process of removing grease (degreasing) that has been accumulated inside the hood, filters, plenum behind the filters, any ductwork up to the fan (if accessible), the fan and the fan housing. Left un-cleaned becomes extreme fire hazard

Grease Kings also specializes in kitchen equipment cleaning/degreasing.

Breadth of equipment service includes: Stoves, Fryers, Grills, Ovens, etc.

According to reports, over 75% of fires in restaurants are grease related. Grease build up begins from the cooking equipment. This makes regular equipment cleaning very important.

Regular cleaning of kitchen equipment does not only prevent high risk of fire, but it also extends its life cycle by over 50%. Recurring cleaning will yield higher efficient equipment.

Grease Kings is committed to preventing grease related fires in restaurants by meeting National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

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